The ICAD08 Demo Session is going to take place on Thursday, June 26th p.m. - except for the demo untitled "Depthrow: A Physics-based Audio Game", scheduled on Friday, June 27th p.m. during the Sound Design Session.


This is a plenary session that will occur in the conference room and where each demonstration will have a 15 minute slot, plus a 5 minute setup time.

The technical layout will be composed by an 8 channel RME Firewire audio card (FireFace800) and  a 8 loudspeaker + 2sub-woofer diffusion system. In addition, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and 8 audio lines will be available in order to plug other host devices (personal computers, specific audio cards, etc. …).


Layout of the conference room with the technical equipment.


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