Thursday, June 26

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place: Ircam / ESPRO

9:00 am     Welcome 

9:30 am  -  Paper Session: 3DAudio-Perception / part.2 

chairman: Derek Brock
9:30 am Individualization feature of head-related transfer functions based on subjective evaluation
Satoshi Yairi, Yukio Iwaya, Yôiti Suzuki

9:55 am  A study toward the development of a spatial, o speech auditory interface for trigonometric problem solving
Flaithri Neff, Ian Pitt

10:20 am  Evaluating listeners’ attention to and comprehension of spatialized concurrent and serial talkers at normal and a synthetically faster rate of speech
Derek Brock, Brian McClimens, J. Gregory Trafton, Malcolm McCurry, Dennis Perzanowski


10:45 am coffee break

11:00 am -  Paper Session: 3DAudio-Technologies

chairman: Brian Katz
11:00 am Three-dimensional sound field reproduction and recording systems based on boundary surface control principle
Seigo Enomoto, Yusuke Ikeda, Shiro Ise, Satoshi Nakamura

11:25 am Spherical microphone array based immersive audio scene rendering
Adam M. O'Donovan, Dmitry N. Zotkin, Ramani Duraiswami

11:50 am Design, validation and in-flight evaluation of an auditory attitude indicator based on pilot-selected music
Douglas S. Brungart, Brian D. Simpson

2:00 pm   Keynote 2

Gerard Assayag : « From Computer Assisted Composition to Live Interaction with Musical Content »

2:50 pm   - Paper Session: Sonification

chairman: Thomas Hermann
2:50 pm Exploration of 4D-data spaces. Sonification in lattice QCD
Katharina Vogt, Till Bovermann, Philipp Huber, Alberto de Campo

3:15 pm Exploratory sound analysis: sonifying data about sound
Sam Ferguson, Densil Cabrera

3:40 pm Sonification of directional and emotional content: description of design challenges
Antti Pirhonen, Henni Palomäki

4:05 pm A review-based conceptual analysis of auditory signs and their design
Manne-Sakari Mustonen


4:30 pm coffee break

4:45 - 6:30 pm :  Demo Session

chairman: Nicolas Misdariis
4:45 pm Sonification of a complex computational process: computational fluid dynamics
Edward P. Childs

5:05 pm Sound editing on the sonogram
Niels Bogaards

5:25 pm The IPEM_EME: a wireless music controller for real-time music interaction
Michiel Demey, Marc Leman, Olmo Cornelis
5:45 pm DURCHEINANDER. Understanding clustering via interactive sonification
Till Bovermann, Julian Rohrhuber, Helge Ritter
6:05 pm AUDIODB. Get in touch with sound
Till Bovermann,Thomas Hermann, Helge Ritter


9:15 pm Banquet

DINER :  9:15 pm - boat Capitaine Fracasse

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