Wednesday, June 25

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place: Ircam / ESPRO

9:00 am     Welcome

9:30 am  Paper Session: Browsing Sound

chairman: Mikael Fernstrom
9:30 am Encoding and representation of information in auditory graphs: descriptive reports of listener strategies for understanding data
Michael A. Nees, Bruce N. Walker

9:55 am Scalable auditory data signatures for discovery oriented browsing in an expressive context
Joachim Gossmann, Ruth West

10:20 am Efficiency of spearcon-enhanced navigation of one dimensional electronic menus
Dianne K. Palladino, Bruce N. Walker


10:45 am coffee break

11:00 am  Paper Session: 3DAudio-Perception / part.1

chairman: Derek Brock

11:00 am Influence of performance gestures on the identification of spatial sound trajectories in a concert hall
Georgios Marentakis, Joe Malloch, Nils Peters, Mark Marshall, Marcelo Wanderlay, Stephen McAdams

11:25 am Effects of temporal fine structure on the localization of broadband sounds: potential implications for the design of spatial audio displays
Douglas S. Brungart, Brian D. Simpson

11:50 am  Nox Borealis

Jean-Baptiste Barrière

12:15 am lunch

2:00 pm  Paper Session: Applications

chairman: Eoin Brazil
2:00 pm SUMO. A sonification utility for molecules
Florian Grond, Fabio Dall'Antonia

2:25 pm SONIFYER. A concept, a software, a platform
Florian Dombois, Oliver Brodwolf, Oliver Friedli, Iris Rennert, Thomas Koenig

2:50 pm Pairing colored socks and following a red serpentine with sounds of musical instruments
Guido Bologna, Benoît Deville, Thierry Pun 

3:30 – 5:30 pm Paper Session: Auditory Display

chairman: Stephen Barrass
3:30 pm Database concept for medical auditory alarms
Max Schneider

3:55 am Ambience for auditory displays: embedded musical instruments as peripheral audio cues
Ralf Jung

4:20 am Usability of non-speech sounds in user interfaces
Rafa Absar, Catherine Guastavino

4:45 pm Learnability of sound cues for environmental features: auditory icons, earcons, spearcons and speech
Tilman Dingler, Jeffrey Lindsay, Bruce N. Walker

5:10 pm Cross cultural study of auditory warnings
Sabine Langlois, Clara Suied, Thierry Lageat, Aude Charbonneau

6:30 pm   Installation – Nox Borealis (Institut finlandais)

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